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Video: Edinburgh’s Secret Courtyard

This is my highly unofficial Guide to the Hidden Door Art Festival 2015, filmed on the final night (Saturday 30th May). Running time = 5:15 minutes which  admittedly is long for an internet video these days, but there was a lot to pack in. (Also, there’s some NSFW language at the beginning).

I’m convinced this was one of the best events ever in Edinburgh, thanks to the combination of the space itself and the independent artistry it hosted, plus the fact you could wander around and peek into the various buildings and rooms and there was always something interesting to experience.

Hopefully this video gives you an idea of all the entertaining, bizarre and often brilliant stuff happening over the course of any one night during the festival  – and bear in mind that I ran out of storage on my camera fairly early on so I couldn’t even capture half of it!

Hidden Door is run by some very committed and hardworking volunteers and they really need your support to put on similar events in the future. If you live in or are a regular visitor to Edinburgh please consider contributing to their crowdfunding campaign (you can get lots of goodies in return).

– See more about the event and artists involved at

– See my behind the scenes photo gallery

Music: Hinterland (Michigan Bump) by LoneLady (who played the opening night of the festival)

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