Clear-Minded Chronicles Week 5 – Do Sweat the Small Stuff

This week I attended a conference about self-employment and small business in Glasgow and got a little bit excited about Apple’s new software announcements.

In the meantime, here’s another five podcasts for you (embedded below) and here’s the full playlist for the last week on SoundCloud.

I’d love to hear any feedback you might have about the podcasts in the comments.

#23 – Routine vs excitement

Some kind of stable routine, order and simplicity are essential for freelancers.

But I sometimes find that whilst I enjoy my independence I can end up rather isolated if I don’t also schedule in some kind of socialising. Can you relate?

 #24 – Geeking out over Apple’s WWDC and Edge of Tomorrow

I was on the edge of my seat about Apple’s WWDC keynote and Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster (don’t worry, no spoilers). Oh – and some advice on face to face meetings for freelancers.

#25 – A brief check in

Just checking in to say hi, on my way back from the Small is Beautiful conference in Glasgow – full update to follow soon!

#26 – first thoughts on Small is Beautiful

There are a lot of ideas and experiences to digest after any two-day conference and Glasgow’s Small is Beautiful was no exception.

One thing that has come out of it is a sense that I’m not the only one who struggles with the ups and downs of self-employment, as proven by the RSA and Etsy’s report:…ion-in-a-start-up

#27 – WWDC, WormyDrawing and software development

I share my thoughts on WWDC and why software development could be a great creative outlet.

Wormydrawing app created by an 8 year old:…id882326367?mt=8

Interview I did with Wormydrawing creator’s dad about Scottish music and technology:…-with-technology/

John Saddington on why you might want to become a software developer:

2014 WWDC Keynote:

Daring Fireball:

Accidental Tech Podcast:

#28: The hard stuff

A frustrating day, but sometimes you’ve got to deal with the trickier little things if you want to make progress.

The blog post I mention by Seth Godin:…-to-focus.html

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