Clear-Minded Chronicles Week 4 – Tough Decision Time

nopeWow. That’s May over then. And with it, my successful attempt to record a podcast 5 days a week. At least, I think the numbers work out pretty much ok, as I’ve recorded 22 podcasts over 31 days.

I don’t care anyway as I’m happy with what I’ve managed to do, especially given that I am still working my way out from under a large rock of underwhelmitis.

So here you go – the fourth week of micro-podcasts – thanks to everyone who’s listened, commented or shared – it is very much appreciated.

If you’d like me to keep doing the podcasts well.. you’ll just have to listen to episode 22 to find out if I intend to or not.

Here’s the SoundCloud playlist of the most recent five episodes (full details of each episode are below/after the jump). Go here to catch up on all 22 of the blighters.

2014-05-27 21.31.45Episode 18 – It’s OK to say NO and the truth about introverts

I respond to feedback on previous podcasts which leads to a wide-ranging monologue on what it really means to be an introvert, the difficulty of making decisions when you’re not at your best, and some great advice on why it’s ok to say no and how to go about it.

Kimberley’s comment on freelance teaching on the blog:…omment-6348

Sarah Peck’s excellent post on saying no:

Read my interviews with Sarah Peck, Ben Austin and Dr Carolyn Eddleston for the Alive in Berlin blog.

2014-05-29 17.12.47-2-1Episode 19 – superhero syndrome (and still thinking about saying no)

As I struggled with a difficult decision, I found some more interesting perspectives on saying no and why it can be a good thing.

My guest post on running a small business (and struggling) for the Small is Beautiful blog:

Note: If you’re interested in attending the Small is Beautiful conference which takes place this week (4 & 5 June), see this post for more information (there are even some bursaries available):

Gary Dunstan’s excellent podcast on how saying no is actually saying yes to what’s important: Gary-dunstan – 20110725-150549

Creative People Say No – a fascinating article on Medium by Kevin Ashton:

Episode 20 – The sobering consequences of having screwed up

Due to pressing work commitments I came to the extremely difficult decision not to go to Alive in Berlin.

I’m very sad to have missed such an amazing event and my good friends who are travelling from far and wide to be there.

Episode 21 – Co-Working and Oversharing

I take a break from (co-)working to sit in the sun and talk about oversharing.

2014-05-31 15.21.48Episode 22 – Responding to feedback and rounding up the first month

Rounding up my month of #ApproximatelyOneThingaDayinMay podcasts, and responding to some feedback I missed during the last week.

Michael’s latest podcast inviting you to join the online conversation:

Julian’s impressive output on Tumblr this month:

Main artwork by the brilliant Gemma Correll

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