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Clear-Minded Chronicles Week 3 – laying the tracks for more enjoyable work

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 13.29.19
Sketchnote and photo by Clara Roethe

Another week of podcasts for you, most of which ended up having a train metaphor running throughout – plus I answer a comment from a listener on last week’s round-up post.

To catch up just go to the SoundCloud Playlist and you can listen to all the podcasts so far.

Episode 13 – Driving the Train vs Laying the Tracks

Finding myself in a back garden in Birmingham, I ponder a question raised by the book Creativity, Inc (by Ed Catmull of Pixar).

Episode 14 – Making Space for Future You

If like me, you feel pretty overwhelmed right now, how can you create some space for yourself during June to ‘get back on track’ (yes, still with the train metaphors).

Episode 15 – can we make a living from something we really enjoy?

On the third of my daily podcasts from the back garden in Birmingham, I ponder my lifelong goal to make a living doing something I really enjoy – and wonder why I won’t allow myself to achieve it.

Episode 16 – Positive Signs

On travelling in style (unexpectedly) and why it feels like a positive sign, and the subtle difference between serendipity and synchronicity.

Clara’s fantastic sketchnote of yesterday’s episode:

Sketchnote and photo by Clara Roethe

Episode 17 – Self-employment, pricing and sickness

Responding to a couple of comments left by listeners on last week’s podcast round-up post in relation the differences between being ill if you have a day job and if you’re self-employed/freelancing.

You can read the comments here:…h/#comments

And if there’s any topics you would like me to cover on future podcasts or if you have any other (constructive) feedback, please leave a comment below.

4 replies on “Clear-Minded Chronicles Week 3 – laying the tracks for more enjoyable work”

Thanks for a great bunch of podcasts!

Responding to Episode 17, as a freelance teacher, I have also not been as lucky as Tony. Freelance teaching is not as flexible as many other freelance careers – you still have to go to classes, and the amount of time spent on preparation (in addition to all the tech support/admin) can easily drop an hourly rate to a pittance far less than the minimum wage.

As another chronic illness sufferer, you are definitely right that this can make things much more difficult.


Hi Kymberly, thanks for commenting, glad you’ve enjoyed them!

yes I can imagine that must be tricky – without the benefits of working whenever you want and wherever you want, freelancing becomes even less attractive!

I also think that a conscientious person (which I count myself as) might be at risk of spending too much time on preparation etc when the pay doesn’t really justify it. For example I could spend too long researching for a blog post that pays very little.

When you’re a teacher though, you’ve got your pupils/students to think about so it’s even more responsibility and of course you’re going to want to do the job right (not least so you get more work..)

Have you thought about pursuing other types of freelance work as well as teaching?


Milo, just listened to podcast #22. Fantastic news you have decided to keep the podcasts going after May. I must admit the videos and podcasts are my favourite part of your site! Good luck with getting on top of your work. All the best, Tony


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