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Four for Feb: The Final Countdown

Ok so today is the last day of February. If you signed up for the Four for Feb challenge, how did you get on?

If you succeeded, well done. If not, I can fully understand, because I struggled this month myself (apart from the four photos I took that you can see here).

In January I had every weekend free, leaving me plenty of time to concentrate on this blog. But in February two of my weekends were taken up with family visits, and I also started doing some extra freelance work.

All this meant that I had great difficulty sticking to the schedule I had set myself, and  last week I didn’t manage to send out a newsletter AT ALL.

So apologies, newsletter subscribers – I’ve let you down, and I’ve let myself down. I could list all my excuses here but really there’s no excuse.

And because you didn’t get a reminder about your Four for Feb projects last week I’ve decided to give everyone a few extra days to complete their projects and send them to me for inclusion in Four for Feb: File Under Finished which is a little downloadable keepsake that I’m in the process of putting together (sneak preview below).

So let me know about your finished Four for Feb projects by midnight on Sunday 6th March and I’ll make sure they’re included! You can either comment below, send me an email or message over Twitter, or post your finished work over on the Facebook group.

In the meantime, stay tuned because next Monday I’ll be suggesting a nice simple challenge for the rest of March which will enable you to make space for future creative projects now that spring (and therefore new beginnings) are just around the corner.

4 replies on “Four for Feb: The Final Countdown”

Hi Milo,
I took some photos last week and I made a few podcasts this month but sadly, I didn’t quite manage to rock out on my guitar as planned.

Here are my favourite photos for the book:









Thought the Four for Feb was fab – spurred me on to at least start some stuff I’d been procrastinating about, and to do some unexpected things.

In the end, I wrote two new songs, one of which – What might have been – I recorded. Still to get round to recording the other new one, but at least I’ve got a head of steam to carry on with that in March.

Also recorded a slightly older song – What could possibly go wrong? – which I wrote at the end of last year. If it wasn’t for Four for Feb, I’d probably not have got round to making a start on it.

So, managed to do three creative things, which is ok. My efforts are at



Good work Iain, glad it inspired you to get new songs done, sounding very nice. Hope to hear the other new one soon!


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