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The ‘Burgh Bootlegs #2 – Stars in Their Eyes with eagleowl & friends

This was an amazing night.  Well done to Bart and the rest of eagleowl, our host Matthew Kelly as well as all the musicians that took part and everyone in the audience who contributed to it being so much fun! p.s. apologies to Kate Bush who I didn’t get any decent footage of but she […]

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Playing with the Past

I’m delighted to say that Playing with the Past is back in Edinburgh for a second night on August 22nd. This combination of film and live music was my highlight of this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival (ok I only saw one other film, what of it?) bringing together three of my favourite Edinburgh bands […]

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Fence Homegame 6 – Video Diary (some very selective personal highlights) Yes I have finally experienced the Fence Homegame in Anstruther and it was well worth the wait. The above video diary shows a few of the bands we saw, a lot of which have already featured on the podcasts. I only had very limited space on my wee digital camera so didn’t manage to capture everything, […]