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Thanks for visiting The privacy and cookie policy on this page covers everything you need to know as far as I’m aware. if you have any queries or issues with it please let me know.

Your Privacy

The simple act of visiting a website leaves a trail of information, a “digital footprint,” about all visitors. Sometimes this footprint is vague and preserves your anonymity and other times it is tied specifically to you and your real life identity.

If all you do is click around and read pages, the data captured about you is vague. If you leave a comment or sign up for a newsletter, the data captured about you is sometimes very specific. Almost all web sites on the web today collect data in this fashion about visitors, and this site is no different.

You deserve to know how your information is used. Consequently, this Privacy Policy below is a disclosure concerning our intent with your data. It is not a legally binding contract. It is a statement of intent made in good faith.


This site uses a small number of cookies in order to function properly and to collect anonymous statistics. A cookie is a small piece of information sent from this website to your browser for storage on your computer. See for more information.

Where do the cookies come from?

  • The software that runs this site (WordPress) may transfer a temporary cookie so it can keep track of what it’s doing. As it is temporary it may be deleted when you leave here.
  • So that I can measure the popularity of posts, where people come from and other general statistics, I use Google Analytics. It may store cookies to track new and repeat visitors. It does not, as far as I’m aware, collect any unnecessary personal details.
  • The Facebook plug-in may record your personal information if you are logged in to that site.
  • Advertising links can use cookies to track from which site you came from. Some of those will be for affiliate links where cookies are used in tracking and payment systems. I use these very sparingly and only take part in affiliate programmes for products I personally recommend (see the Clear-Minded Creative Code of Honour and About pages for more info).

More about cookies used

  • Cookies used on this site do not contain any personal information.
  • Any information collected is anonymous and generalised.
  • This site will not sell any email addresses and names to any third party
  • Any email addresses/names left in comments or mentioned in emails sent to me will be kept private and not sold to anyone
  • Your privacy is respected at all times

Cookie Removal

If you wish to know how to remove cookies then should be of help.

Cookie usage

As this site may use advertising and software that was created by another person or company, the usage of cookies is beyond our control and we may not be able to ask your permission.

Creative Commons License

Parts of the above privacy & cookies policy are loosely based on the one which appears at and the Standard Privacy Policy by 8BIT .The latter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License and is based on a work at