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The Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses

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A six part course on creating your own Career Masterplan, including a free micro-manifesto.

The first three micro-guides in the series are currently free for a limited time.

Go here to read more and sign up.


Mountain Shores: The (Un) Productivity Podcast


My (fairly) new podcast with Fabian Kruse from The Friendly Anarchist.

Mountain Shores is a laid-back, discussion-based podcast about navigating the valleys and peaks of creative life without ending up in the doldrums.

We are regularly joined by Michael Nobbs from Sustainably Creative, as well as other interesting creative types such as writer Dave Ursillo and illustrator Markus Freise.

Visit the Mountain Shores site Listen/Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher

The Ditch the Day Job Diaries

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An 18-part video series about my first year freelancing, plus a short Kindle book.

Watch the video diaries for free.

“Just got the latest installment of Ditch the Day Job Diaries, and particularly enjoyed the gardening clips (frog! goat!) and the community feel behind Freelance Fridays. And I love that quote about over and underestimating what you can do- will have to mull that one over… thanks for the great content, Milo!”


Praise for the book on Amazon: 

DTDJDcovernew“Milo openly shares the highs and lows of his first year of independence. Lots of humour, some bad language, and plenty of practical insights learnt by experience. If you’re thinking of working for yourself, read it. If, like me, you’re already self-employed and trying to direction, read it. Basically, read it.”

“Being a creative entrepreneur can be a lonely experience and this book, which follows Milo’s own downs and ups as he leaves his job after ten years to pursue his creative dreams, will make you feel just a little less alone.”

Buy on Amazon.com | Buy on Amazon.co.uk 


Clear-Minded Classics

Clear-Minded Classics Cover Test 2

Another short Kindle book – this is a handy guide to ‘Ten Essential Books for Dissatisfied Creative Types’.

Praise on Amazon:

“McLaughlin does a great job of reviewing important (and not outdated!) works for creative types, highlighting their main arguments and pros / cons.

He then adds to that analysis his own growth and learning accomplished through reading these important works, which I find immensely helpful. Plus, he makes it fun as you go through- honest, and entertaining writing.”

Buy on Amazon.com | Buy on Amazon.co.uk

clarity and strategy sessions

Clarity and Strategy Sessions

If you’re currently unsure how to progress with your creative goals, want a plan for promoting your work or need feedback on your creative projects, I also offer a limited number of one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype.

See the Creative Clarity and Strategy Sessions page for more info – I’d love to hear from you!


More helpful resources will be added soon…