Code of Honour


1. I will endeavour to be real, honest, truthful and accurate in my writing and other creative work, and in my dealings with people whether face to face or online.

2. I will recommend and promote only those people I respect and have a genuine connection with, or those products and services that I am 100% sure will be of benefit to others. I will declare any self-interest, such as affiliate links or other relationships.

3. I will focus primarily on how I can help other people, in particular creative people who need help unleashing their full potential/inner mad genius.

4. I will strive to practice what I preach, keep working on developing my own creative skills and projects/body of work, and overcoming personal challenges.

5. I will respect the beliefs and opinions of others (including spiritual beliefs), whilst not being afraid to speak my own truth.

6. I will always credit the original creator of any artwork I use, and will ensure I have permission, either directly or from Creative Commons or “uncopyrighted” material.

7. I will share great ideas and inspiration instead of hoarding them to myself.

8. I will be playful, passionate and purposeful – and try not to take myself too seriously!


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