Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses

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In Refresh Your Mindset:

  • Your Voice Matters
  • The Uncertain Creative
  • Above All Else, Know Thyself
  • You Are Not Alone
  • Start With Why, and What You Value
  • Optimism



In Design Your Own Curriculum:

  • The Lie of Higher Education
  • The Judge Dredd Guide to Finding Time
  • Get a Beducation
  • Choosing a Direction
  • The Power of Books
  • The Online Education Revolution
  • A List of Amazing Online Resources






In Pimp Your Online Presence:

  • Determining Your Digital Identity
  • Planning Your Platform
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Setting up an email newsletter
  • Getting started with social media (and avoiding over-whelm)
  • Planning Your Publishing Strategy


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