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The Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses is here!

Yes it’s here at long last! Well actually I only released the trailer yesterday, but I’m sure you’ve been slavering with excitement about it ever since.

I know I have, and I’ve already read the bloody thing.

The Trailer for the Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses

Here’s what’s included in the micro-manifesto:

  • The Six Key Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Mad Genius
  • A Quick-Start Guide with some basic actions you can take right away to get started with each step.

That’s it! It’s only 21 pages long, and most of that is pictures, so you’ve got no excuse not to have a look!

By Milo

Freelance writer and content creator.

11 replies on “The Career Masterplan for Mad Geniuses is here!”

Glad to see you shipped this out! and published!! I’m neither a genius nor mad, but will be looking forward to your monthly updates on how to become both. Love how you gave yourself permission to delay for earth-shattering events:)

GOod job on the manifesto Milo – big things are coming here!!!!

Hi Milo your career masterplan is great- practical, inspirational and entertaining. You should produce more micro-festos! Looking forward to seeing the full versions later in the year. (and I think Ruth might have a built-in search engine for the phrase ‘free drink’)

Aw thanks Ali – I’ll have to make sure the others live up to it now. And yes, Ruth does seem to have a sixth sense for that!

Just got back from vacation and dove into the micro-manifesto- great work! And a great look to boot! Looking forward to the installments in the coming months, and happy to see so many people enjoyed WDS. 🙂

Thanks very much Margaret, glad you liked it. WDS was a lot of fun but hasn’t left me much time to get the next instalment done!

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