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The Midlife Crisis Diaries: Preview episode

WTF am I doing with my life? Asks middle-aged white man This is a preview episode of a new video series centered around the most annoying person in the world: a white, cis, heterosexual middle-aged man who likes nothing more than complaining about his perfectly comfortable life. Warning: adult language/themes. Watch below or on YouTube.…

Is hybrid working going to work?

Hybrid working: Horror story or happy medium? I started my current job during Covid so last week was the first time I’ve been to the office, as part of a hybrid working experiment. But is the amazing view of Edinburgh Castle worth the two-hour commute? Check out my new video on YouTube (or watch above)…

What can Jack Nicholson teach us about marketing?

Hello. The question I’m posing today is: What has Jack Nicholson got do with the basics of marketing? Well, in Seth Godin’s book ‘This Might Work’ (a humungous collection of blog posts he wrote between 2006 and 2012), he explains the five basics of marketing. He references one of Jack Nicholson’s great early films, Five…

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