I founded this blog way back in 2011 (and it was my third blog!)

It was originally intended to offer advice and inspiration to creative types (who may or may not be horribly confused about their careers, lives and everything in between). Its launch also happened to coincide with my career change from civil servant to freelance copywriter/marketer so I also shared my own challenges and adventures for a while, until I got too busy with client work.

At the moment, it’s on hiatus. I work full-time for a marketing agency these days, so I don’t tend to feel like writing in the evenings and at weekends.

But there might still be a few helpful ideas here, if you are willing to explore.. and you never know, I might start writing here again at some point.

About Lil Ol Me

Hi, I’m Milo. I live in a small coastal town near Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife Mel and our cat Millie.

Since 2016 I’ve been employed as a content writer for the marketing agency Signal, having spent four years as a freelance copywriter beforehand, and juggling various writing assignments with my previous civil service job for a decade before that.

Some of the articles I’ve written can be seen at my portfolio.

I’ve also dabbled in a bunch of other creative projects over the years including music and video, and have provided an ‘Artist Advisory Service’ to a few of my fellow creative professionals (after all, it’s always easier to give advice than take it).

Artwork by @claracharlotte
Artwork by @claracharlotte

Consistency is one of the biggest challenges for creative types, especially with a full-time job. Creative habits for me go hand in hand with other regular practices. I no longer drink alcohol and I’ve found that healthy diet, regular exercise and other positive daily habits such as meditation are very helpful for maintaining peace of mind.

I also know that practising these good habits consistently is easier said than done, but it is definitely worth making some kind of creative activity a priority. Most of all, it’s a great way to connect with other people.

Stay in touch

I still publish articles very occasionally  (you can read some of the best ones here) and I have been known to send an email newsletter for subscribers (you can also subscribe via RSS.)

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