Is hybrid working going to work?

Hybrid working: Horror story or happy medium?

I started my current job during Covid so last week was the first time I’ve been to the office, as part of a hybrid working experiment.

But is the amazing view of Edinburgh Castle worth the two-hour commute?

Check out my new video on YouTube (or watch above) which covers:

  • The weird feeling of going to the office for the first time despite having worked in a job for nearly 18 months!
  • Feast your eyes on what must be pretty much the best desk view in Edinburgh. (If not the world?)
  • Whether commuting from a quiet town full of geese to a city full of people is worth it for the aforementioned view
  • The benefits of being in an office. Yes really, there are benefits!
  • Jeff Goldblum. Nuff said?
  • Controversial suggestions for employers about treating their staff more fairly
  • A diatribe about pains-aux-raisins and (almost) gluten-free living

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Article by Seth Godin on connecting with colleagues remotely:…

Music: Xenon Sentry by Shane Ivers –

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