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What can Jack Nicholson teach us about marketing?

Hello. The question I’m posing today is: What has Jack Nicholson got do with the basics of marketing?

Well, in Seth Godin’s book ‘This Might Work’ (a humungous collection of blog posts he wrote between 2006 and 2012), he explains the five basics of marketing.

He references one of Jack Nicholson’s great early films, Five Easy Pieces. And it just so happens, that the film includes a memorable scene of Jack’s character reacting to a poor customer experience at a roadside diner.

So I thought I’d dive into what Seth says, and illustrate it with some choice clips from the scene. You can watch it above or on YouTube:

What can Jack Nicholson teach us about marketing?

Here are two more videos about the Seth Godin book:

A video about the book itself
The 2nd best time to start – an extract from the book

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