(Un)Productivity Summit: podcast, video & photos

At the beginning of this month I attended the first ever World (Un)Productivity Summit at Gladstone’s Library in North Wales.

In attendance were:

The summit consisted of a gentle curriculum of talks, walks, chi kung, meditation, crocheting, research and writing in the beautiful library, accompanied by plenty of good food, wine and quality rum.

Lourenco described it as:

“Three days of deep reflection on how productivity and unproductivity are two sides of the same coin – like Yin and Yang.”

and according to Mary:

“We had a delightfully light programme. Presentations in the morning followed by general lolling about in the afternoon.”

You can get a taster from the above video (or watch it on Vimeo) and special episode of the Mountain Shores Podcast we recorded at the end of the Summit:

There are also photos taken by attendees below.

Lourenco Chi Kung video screenshotIf you’d like to find out about future summits, please subscribe below or click here.

You will be sent Lourenço’s 20 minute video introduction to Chi Kung as soon as you sign up. In future weeks we will also make recordings of most of the talks available to subscribers.

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Note: Michael Nobbs will also be appearing at Gladfest in September 2015.

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