The Mountain Shores Podcast Returns!

Resurfacing after a few months in his offline hideout, Fabian discusses with Milo the beauty of creating in the real world, the importance of goals, what he has in common with David Hasselhoff and the improbabilities of ever becoming a professional kite-surfer (despite his involvement with Westend Surfing).

After a short interruption from a potential psychokiller, we touch on the issues of overworking for clients (perhaps leaving us with a boatload of money, but less time for our own work), public expectations, and the right balance between reflecting, reporting and actual, well, doing.


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“Surfing (offline)” – pic by my co-host Fabian Kruse

2 replies on “The Mountain Shores Podcast Returns!”

Nice to see you guys back. This has to be one of my favorite Mountain Shores podcasts. It had a very chilled feel about it. A lot of honesty there, and a lot of food for thought. Very enjoyable! Thanks!


Thanks Tony that’s good to hear – must be all that time away from the internet that made us so chilled 🙂

Appreciate you tuning in despite the long break!


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