Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters
Photo: mindaugasdanys (Creative Commons)

Being creative is in many ways about having a voice and wanting to express ourselves. We all have a unique perspective, and we can share that with the world through our creativity.

Don’t underestimate how important it is that you do this.

Turn on the news, and you’ll likely hear about something bad that’s happened. A lot of the bad things that happen in the world are down to two things – ignorance and hatred.

Those of us who stand for something more, something better than those things, need to stand up and be counted.

I’m not suggesting that what you create has to be all happy and smiley and rose-tinted, but if you share the truth, then there can only be less ignorance.

If you spread positivity, passion and love, then there can only be less hatred.

In a crowd-sourced world, where everyone can contribute, no matter whether they’re an expert, or trustworthy, or psychopathically insane – don’t let the negative voices, the ones coming from a place of ignorance and hatred, drown out your own.

You Are Needed

Speak your truth, and share your creativity with the world. You are needed. Every moment, every thought, every situation is a chance to stand up and be counted and not to let the negativity win.

And each time you choose the creative, the positive option, not the destructive and negative one, you are training yourself, developing a stronger, more positive mindset. You will feel different. You will change yourself, and you will help change the world.

Note: sometimes it takes us a while to find our voice. At times we may end up imitating others. Like all things worth doing, it takes practice.


rymThis is Part 6 of the Refresh Your Mindset Series.

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2 replies on “Your Voice Matters”

Creativity can be an unsure thing in us humans since the certainty of it succeeding in this world is unknown.

That’s why confidence is a role player and something we need to embrace some more.

Thanks for writing Milo.

– Sam


Indeed Sam, it’s funny because you’re the second person to mention confidence in relation to this post, even though that wasn’t necessarily the intention behind it I’m glad if it helps with that!


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