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You have to run your day.

This is how I lived my life for years and years. I drifted through the day at the mercy of chance and happenstance. Whatever came along, I did it.

If you’re a writer or an artist, you can’t live like that.

You have to run your day. You can’t let your day run you.

You must roll out of bed each morning with an unshakeable focus and intention. Your novel, your start-up, your movie. That’s your day. That’s why you’re here.

Steven Pressfield – Managing Your Day

4 replies on “You have to run your day.”

HaPpY New Year, Milo!!
THANKS for your LIGHT-hearted yet very grounded approach to living in balance as an artist…not to mention a totally right-brained person! I LOVE your insights!!
I’m printing Steven’s quote and putting it on my mirror to inspire me every morning AND evening!


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