Get Yourself Some C.A.K.E. (and watch our live Google Hangout)

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 Last night I was honoured to be joined by my friends Michael Nobbs and Fabian Kruse live on Google Hangouts  (as well as a number of other friends and family from around the world who tuned in) for the momentous occasion of me drinking my first beer for a year (and celebrating my birthday).

We talked about what I’ve learnt from a year of being sober, which I also wrote about in an article for Medium called ‘A Year Without Booze‘ (in case you missed it!).

Given the relevance of tasty baked goods to birthdays, Fabian and I also took the opportunity to reveal all about our new course, The C.A.K.E. Method.

You can watch the video of the full Hangout below, which is almost an hour long, or if you prefer to cut to the chase you can just watch the 15 minute extract on YouTube where we reveal what C.A.K.E. actually stands for, and what the course involves.

[tentblogger-youtube cdnAXOL_9bU]

Note: We’ve announced a special introductory price for the course which is valid for the next 48 hours (until Thursday, 10pm BST/5pm ET).

We’ve also limited it to 10 people because the course includes personal feedback and a live co-working session and we want to make sure we can give everyone who signs up our full attention. (And at the time of writing only 7 places remain!)

You can sign up for The C.A.K.E. Method here or find out more info here.

2 replies on “Get Yourself Some C.A.K.E. (and watch our live Google Hangout)”


Just read the piece on Medium, very enjoyable. As was the Google Hangout, even after the fact and without cake or beer.

As a result of doing the exclusion diet recently my alcohol assumption has gone down dramatically. I did drink more on holiday the other week, but nothing silly and not before the evening. I think I’m going to keep alcoholic drinks to special occasions, holidays, and saturday/sunday, and only 1 to 2 at a time.

Thought about doing the C.A.K.E. course but doesn’t quite fit in with my priorities at the mo and I can’t make the Hangout. Hope it goes well though.


Hi Alison, thanks for reading/watching! We didn’t quite have the ‘hang’ of Google Hangouts in time for last night, but I think we’ve learnt a few things for the next one!

I’d be interested to hear more about the exclusion diet. Your plan for alcohol sounds remarkably similar to what I’m hoping to do. I like the idea of being able to have a drink on special occasions if I want to, but leaning to the side of not drinking for the most part. We shall see how it turns out!

Totally understandable re: the course. We will hopefully be doing it again in the future, so perhaps you can join us another time!


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