Tech Tips and Tiny Houses with Ethan Waldman

We all need a wee break from reading the internet now and again, which is why I like listening to the internet instead. So why not take a load off and join my guest Ethan Waldman and I for another illuminating Clear-Minded Creative Types audio interview.

In this twenty minute conversation Ethan talks about his business as a technology coach over at and how he balances that computer-based work with a variety of other interests including fixing bikes and building a tiny house!

tiny house

We also discuss minimalism and how cutting back on commitments can help us become fully present and improve our existing relationships.

Ethan has some really great advice here that I’m going to implement myself, and I hope you find it as useful as I did. (Click here to listen if you are reading via RSS or email).


 Mentioned in this interview: 

Cloud Coach


Building the Tiny House (on Facebook)

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Self-Control for Mac

Write or Die

Ethan’s post on the “WordPress Myth”

6 replies on “Tech Tips and Tiny Houses with Ethan Waldman”

Another enjoyable interview, Milo! Much as I have started to embrace some aspects of minimalism, I still can’t imagine me embracing it to the extent of being able to live in a tiny house!

Particular thanks for the link to Ethan’s ‘WordPress myth’ post – as a not very tech savvy individual, it inspires me to read that I shouldn’t feel obliged to use that format. I know I shouldn’t have felt obliged anyway, but so many people use it that it seems like the natural choice!


Thanks Paul. Yeah it takes a lot of discipline to shed all your stuff. I find it really tough to get rid of things like books.

I found WordPress a bit of a learning curve but as I wrote in Pimp Your Online Presence, there’s no doubt that a professional looking blog helps. In the end though, creating good content is most important thing and you can waste a lot of time tinkering with blog designs, as I have myself!


I’m just starting the journey to a simple life and the Tiny House living is very interesting. I’ve got the interview downloaded so I can check it out while I workout today!


Hope you enjoyed it Terry. I find it fascinating too. I live in a small apartment but not sure I could survive in a tiny house. It is appealing to be much less reliant on belongings and have more freedom though!


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