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Steve Errey on Creating Extraordinary Change & Coping with Illness

It’s time for another in-depth interview with an interesting Clear-Minded Creative type!

This time around it’s my friend Steve Errey who is a confidence coach and author of The Code of Extraordinary Change Playbook. His excellent site of the same name aims to help people ‘put a dent in the universe’.

In the brief video extract below we discuss changing the world and why being extraordinary doesn’t mean being superhuman.

[tentblogger-youtube j52667f97K0]

Steve also happens to suffer from CFS/ME which leaves him constantly feeling very tired and in pain. In order to raise funds and awareness about this debilitating illness, Steve has set himself the challenge of walking a full marathon on June 9th 2013, despite the fact that some days he’s barely able to walk 100 metres.

In the full audio interview below, Steve tells me why he took on the challenge to walk a marathon. We also discuss how he helps people gain natural confidence through his coaching practice, why games are better than goals when it comes to happiness, and why he believes an emphasis on hustling is missing the point.


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Find out more about Steve’s Run for ME challenge

Visit The Code of Extraordinary Change

4 replies on “Steve Errey on Creating Extraordinary Change & Coping with Illness”

Good interview! Although I’ve come to understand something of CFS, particularly through being part of the Sustainably Creative community, it is Steve who has managed to put in terms I can truly understand the toll it can take on the body.

I really wish him all the best for June 9th. Much as I have improved my fitness through running, and am incredibly fortunate to not have to deal with a chronic illness, I wouldn’t feel confident about undertaking a 26 mile walk!

Since I started following Steve on Twitter, I’ve read his new posts and like his attitude and approach. I’ve not explored much of his back catalogue of writing though, so your interview has inspired me to go and do that!


Yes I don’t think I realised it was so painful although Michael has mentioned that also in his books.

I know exactly what you mean, a 26 mile walk is not to be sniffed at!

He’s a top bloke 🙂


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