Mountain Shores & Slow Travel in Oslo – a Podcast

Mountain Shores – our view as we were recording the podcast.

The ‘podcast with no name’ now has a name. Here is the Mountain Shores Podcast episode 3, recorded in Oslo with my co-host Fabian Kruse and our regular guest Michael Nobbs.

We met up in Norway to attend Chris Guillebeau’s Party at the End of the World, to celebrate the fact he achieved his goal of visiting every country in the world by the age of 35 (it was also his birthday).

We talk about slow travel and taking time to make deeper connections (even at crazy parties), how we are each making April awesome in our own way (and feeling a little awkward about using that word) and of course, cakes!


Listen to the podcast on

Thanks to Fabian for the following show notes:

And you can see some of my photos from the trip below or over at Flickr.

6 replies on “Mountain Shores & Slow Travel in Oslo – a Podcast”

Another good episode, and great to finally have a name! Very much enjoying the chilled out ‘vibe’ (if you don’t mind me using that word; goes quite nicely with ‘awesome’, perhaps!). Almost feel like I was there with you, helped in no small part by your photos reminding me of my trip to Copenhagen just before Christmas.

Really enjoying the ‘slow travel’ theme, I’m starting to better understand how I can embrace ‘slowness’ within my own life and particularly through running. Somehow, it’s one of those lessons I’ve had to learn for myself, but feels much better for having done so, and makes me feel I can relate a lot more to a discussion such as this one.

On the subject of running: all the best for this weekend!


Thanks Paul, for the kind words about the podcast and the good wishes for Sunday’s run! Oslo was lovely in the sun, but very cold without it – my teeth were chattering at one point!

I seem to have to learn through experience/my own mistakes too – perhaps we are also slow learners? 😉

I’m also glad to be reminded that I have two parts of your current series to catch up on..


Great podcast, loved it! I came over from Michaels podcast to which I came over from Fabians (who I’ve known online for several years now) blog 2 months ago… Internet’s great 😉
cheers, Kerstin


Guys. …Loved hearing of your experience and truly enjoy the process of listening as I did as a child (however, not with my ear to the big speaker). Something warm and more human is born via the podcast that never quite makes it in some other mediums. Appreciate receiving news and note as they happen so, again, enjoy and keep up the great, no, awesome work!

david twigg
virginia beach, va


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