Reflection, Planning & Tiny Steps – a Podcast

DrawingYourLife_300-200x300In our 2nd (as yet unnamed) podcast, Fabian Kruse and I chat to our guest Michael Nobbs about his new book Drawing Your Life.

We take some time to reflect on how 2013 is shaping up for each of us so far, following what Michael suggested could be a Month of Reflection and Planning in January and a Month of Tiny Steps in February.

We also delve deeper into the process of choosing a small manageable activity that allows you to get at least 20 minutes of creative work done each day – which isn’t quite as simple as it sounds!


Can’t see the embed? Hear the podcast at

Drawing Your Life Special Offer

As I mention in the podcast itself, Michael’s book is a great example of how doing a small amount of creative work each day can produce great results over time.

He’s got a very special offer on at the moment which gives anyone who pre-orders the book a free month’s membership of his site Sustainably Creative – including access to all of his ebooks and courses as well as the daily podcast. It’s an extremely generous offer and I hope you consider taking him up on it! (I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.)

If you’d like more information about the book we discuss it on the podcast and you can also watch the video below.

[tentblogger-vimeo 57746784]

You can hear our first podcast about End of the World Accountability here.

3 replies on “Reflection, Planning & Tiny Steps – a Podcast”

What a lovely conversation. All of you thinking and sharing and describing and learning from each other, and no one pushing to be top dog or saying how someone else’s comment really reminded him of his own wonderfulness. Great content, too. More please!


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