It’s a Vine Time to Make a Clone


Feeling overwhelmed? Far too much to do? Feel like it will take you four lifetimes to get everything ticked off your to-do list?

You might enjoy taking advantage of our new self-replication service:


Immediately make more of your life, double your productivity, and free yourself up for more fun activities.

We currently have a special deal – 3 new yous for the price of 2, if you sign your life away on the dot today!**

*Either that or spend the best part of day dicking about with Twitter’s latest iPhone app 

**We cannot take responsibility for flawed copies, duplicated lazy-assedness, or any other unexpected consequences of having multiple versions of yourself roaming the earth.

(see also – the appeal of apps that turn us into artists).

4 replies on “It’s a Vine Time to Make a Clone”

Enjoyed these, Milo! Surprising how much you can cram into six seconds.

As I said at the time, ‘Flash Gordon’ would have been a very different movie in Vine.

“Flash! Flash, I love you! But we only have 4 seconds to save the Earth!”


Hey – I’m all for radical self love!

They seem to have sorted the volume thing out. I agree it’s easy to spread yourself too thin but at the same time I have always benefited from experimenting with new media so will continue to do so!


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