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Seth Godin Spectacular!


This coming week on Clear-Minded Creative will be a Seth Godin spectacular, to mark the release of 3 new books by the influential blogger and bestselling author: The Icarus Deception, V is for Vulnerable (with cartoonist Hugh MacLeod) and Watcha Gonna Do With That Duck?

I’ve got 4 copies of The Icarus Deception to give away, and one person will also get a special copy of V is for Vulnerable signed by Seth himself. But you’ve got to be in it to win it, so to find out how to enter you’ll need to stay tuned. You can subscribe to the newsletter (make sure you tick the ‘every post’ option), like the Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter.

I’ll also be sharing carefully-crafted and inspiring quotes each day, or ‘Sethisms’ which have become Godin’s trademark. I’ll leave you with an excellent ‘Sethism’ from the Icarus Deception:

“The door to art and connection is open, but we have no idea for how long.

Every day on the other side of the door is better than a day on this side.

Every moment that we wait, biding our time, waiting for the perfect opportunity, is a moment wasted, and worse, a door that closes, possibly not to open again for a long time to come.”

p.s. I’ve updated the Clear-Minded Creative About Page with a new Mission Statement on why creative people should ignore doubters and critics, which was in no small part inspired by Seth Godin’s work.

8 replies on “Seth Godin Spectacular!”

I’m in!

Oh, and your Code of Honour is very well written. Every point chimes with honesty and truth, you should get it made up into an artwork of some sort – I could imagine them using it on Brain Pickings!


I look forward to your Seth Godin spectacular. Mr. Godin has gotten me through some difficult days in the name of my art. Reading The Icarus Deception was particularly helpful.


Thanks Kim, he’s a big inspiration for me too. The Icarus Deception is a great distillation of his message, bringing in ideas from his previous work and also recent books by other authors. It has definitely got me fired up and wanting to create more!


Cool about page, regular posts, thought-provoking topics, clarity on your mission, sharp tagline – what happened!! haha keep up the good work Milo.

What will it take to get another free book out of you?


Very curious to see what you’ve come up with, Milo… 🙂

The Icarus Deception seems like another strong book from Godin. The idea of hubris is so strongly ingrained into our collective psyches, it seems almost “wrong” to try and stand out…


I hope I don’t disappoint too much Gilliom! Yes he’s basically saying don’t accept the shame that others try to put on you. Similar message to Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly.


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