Riding the Train of Awesome – Interview with Nathan Agin

Nathan Agin in action at his WDS2012 healthy lunch meetup

Nathan Agin is a former actor turned modern day nomad who shares his healthy living practices on his blog Nonstop Awesomeness.

I met Nathan at WDS2012 in July. He organised a number of unofficial meet ups, including a healthy lunch and meditation sessions and we talked about how healthy eating and exercise can have a dramatically positive effect on our mental health (see the Mental Health Foundation website for more on diet and mental health).

This is a man who definitely ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to healthy living, and as I’ve now committed to a Year of Clarity (i.e. no alcohol!) what better time to get advice on that topic.

I chatted to Nathan in sunny L.A. (via the wonders of Skype) and asked him about his exciting plans for a new show celebrating healthy food and travel which recently placed #6 (out of 121 ideas) in a recent Good.Is contest.

In this 25 minute video (the first video interview on CMC!) Nathan talks about:

  • Why being healthy and travelling the world don’t have to be mutually exclusive

  • How he is filming a new web TV show spreading this message

  • His background as an actor and how it has lead him to where he is now

  • The importance of exercise and nutrition/diet plus grounding practices like meditation in maintaining sanity on the road

  • What the term ‘Nonstop Awesomeness’ really means to him

[tentblogger-vimeo 51948433]

Note: the audio is slightly out of sync when I speak but is fine when Nathan speaks. No idea why!

The good news is, you can also listen to the interview or download the mp3:


[haiku url=”″ title=”Nathan Agin Interview”]

So was this awesome, or what? Let me know what you thought in the comments – and don’t forget to check out Nathan’s blog!


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