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Recently, on the Internet – AMAZING VIDEOS AND KICK-ASS WOMEN

inhale the good shit
I can’t remember the last time I did one of these round-up posts, but there’s been a lot of good stuff on the internet recently which I wouldn’t like you to miss out on.

See, the internet and I are pretty good pals (Some might say it’s my only friend). It tells me interesting things, and it doesn’t mind if I share them with other people. In fact if I don’t share them it goes in a bit of a cream puff.

So I share them on Twitter, and Facebook, and Tumblr, and Pinterest, and Google MotherfriggingPlus, but still the internet’s insatiable desire to be liked (or is that my own insatiable desire to accrue internet likes?) is not satisfied, and so I bring you a massive blog post full of the best things I’ve seen on the internet.

Plus I couldn’t think of anything else to write about.

Amazing & Hilarious Art Documentary on John Balderassi with voice over by Tom Waits

And it’s less than 6 minutes long, what’s not to like?

[tentblogger-youtube eU7V4GyEuXA]

Game On with Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech has been posted on a lot of the blogs I read, and rightly so. His thoughts on creativity, writing and freelancing are incredibly inspiring. I’ve embedded it below, but if you can’t watch video at the moment you can read the full transcript here.

[tentblogger-youtube ikAb-NYkseI]

I can’t implore you to watch this enough. It’s possibly my favourite ever commencement speech. Not that I’ve compiled a list of commencement speeches or anything (I never really heard of them before the internet told me), but that one by Steve Jobs was also pretty good…

Live and KickStartering

Meanwhile, Gaiman’s lovely wife Amanda Palmer has just raised ONE MILLION dollars on Kickstarter to fund her new album. Hypebot reported (with gratuitous tits included gratis).

As they point out, Palmer is already an established artist with a huge fanbase and a bunch of celebrity pals. But still, just think of the possibilities for your own creative project. Hell, even tech companies are using Kickstarter to raise backing for their products before they even manufacture a single item, e.g. the Pebble watch which connects with smartphones raised $10m. That’s a lot of money right there. Unfortunately there is an issue with using it in the UK which is a bit annoying.


GOOD report that ‘Nature-Deficit Disorder’ Is Making Us Fat, Sick, and Depressed. Thankfully, ‘Nature-Deficit Disorder’ is a completely made up term, as they admit in the article. So I’ll not bother going outside then.

Ze Frank’s A Show is rather brilliant. he says “Chase that Happy”:

[tentblogger-youtube nTQWtJVlJhk]

 Blogging, Freelancing & Entrepreneuring 

We all have an idea of our ideal workspace. A clean, mahogony desk, a 27# iMac, a huge stack of hundred dollar bills, and a bottle of whisky, plus a rifle. That’s mine. But in reality, I sit at the kitchen table surrounded by random bits of junk.

Here are some gorgeous photos of actual real, kind of messy workspaces, via Boing Boing.

The truth is, working from home has its ups and downs. I tweeted about the good side.

But our flat is tiny, and if both myself and Mel both had to work home it would soon veer into Shining territory (although it would more likely be Mel hunting me down with an axe).

[tentblogger-youtube NIqq9GusbSQ]

This article describes the horrors of  a “dual remote worker marriage”.

Ideasmench made a good list of 50 people every entrepreneur should follow on Twitter.

Entrepreneur Emi Gal asks, do you have the drive to succeed?

Women who are kicking ass and taking names online

Nikita kicks ass and takes names

Think Traffic is a blog which tells you how to get traffic for your blog. A good way to get traffic for your blog is to mention lots of bloggers. Another good way is to feature lots of hot sexy women. This post does both. Seriously though, these women are kicking ass and taking names online. Are me and other men doomed because we’re just too lazy and don’t look good in a tight dress?

Natalie Sisson is one of those women who are kicking ass and taking names online. She describes herself as ‘the suitcase entrepreneur’. Not because she sells suitcases, but because she travels like, a lot. Anyway, after 2 years she’s learnt some shit. Here’s the lowdown, in 24 Incredible Lessons Learnt From Being in Business. This is seriously worth a read if you’re interested in starting an online business.

Hey Shenee isn’t in Think Traffic’s list but she too, is kicking ass and taking names online. She even took my name, but it didn’t really suit her so she gave it back.

Recently she argued that as creative professionals we should only be doing the work we truly enjoy, not the kind of horrible jobs that make us do a little puke in our mouths. As a freelancer, this is very difficult to stick to, but it’s definitely a good ‘rule of thumb’ for finding work that inspires you rather than makes you want to hide under the bed!


Literary agent Shawn Coyne shares the “origin stories” of two new books over at Stephen Pressfield’s blog.

Justine Musk reckons we can find our best creative work by “learning our shadow”.

The highly prolific writer of advice for writers Jeff Goins is running a short, free course on writing over the next few weeks. You may or may not want to sign up. Only do so if you can commit to actually following his advice each day.

Meanwhile, have you had a bad experience with Mel Gibson? If so, why not write a book about it? That’s what Joe Eszterhas, creator of Basic Instinct did, penning a Kindle Singles book called ‘Heaven and Mel’.


Detour TV is here! A 30 minute monthly web TV show all about new Scottish music by those clever Detour Scotland chappies, which is really well made. Good job chaps! The Pop Cop also has a bit about the making of it.

[tentblogger-youtube tyjgSvJthNk]

Right, I’ve run out of steam, ice cream and bad 80’s music so that’s all for now. But if you’ve seen something good on the internet, feel free to share a link in the comments. No spam mind!

2 replies on “Recently, on the Internet – AMAZING VIDEOS AND KICK-ASS WOMEN”

Hey you! THANKS so much for featuring me here! 🙂 So sweet of you! And you are kickin’ butt and taking names too! 🙂 Love that speech from Neil! It is a part of my newsletter this week.

And yes, when you stop doing the soul crushing stuff, you can focus on the good stuff! 🙂


Pleasure Shenee, it’s a really inspiring post. It’s so easy to forget that this should be fun!

I’m currently in the process of discovering what work inspires me as I experiment with various projects.

And thanks for the kind words, though I’d say I am definitely in “taking names” training at the moment 🙂


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