Fight for Creative Freedom in Edinburgh!

I recently left my full-time job because I wanted more creative freedom. However here in Edinburgh we are being threatened with new laws which could completely limit the ability of artists and DIY promoters to put on events, even if they’re free. Please sign the petition and help us let the council know this is not acceptable.

Below is from the organisers of the petition – I have copied and pasted it verbatim because I couldn’t improve on it:

Tomorrow, City of Edinburgh Council will decide whether to introduce a licence fee on small-scale free events that previously did not need one.

Thanks to you and 17,000 others who have signed Kris Haddow’s petition, Glasgow announced they will not be introducing licence fees for public events which are temporary or free of charge.

But Edinburgh Council have been stalling and will make a decision at their committee meeting tomorrow.

Will you help tell Edinburgh to scrap the arts tax? There are four things you can do right now:

1. Send a tweet to Edinburgh Council – just click the link below:
.@Edinburgh_CC Please support Edinburgh’s grassroots arts and culture – #ScrapArtsTax at tomorrow’s council meeting

2. Send a Facebook message: type “@The City of Edinburgh Council” into your Facebook status update and select from the list that appears. Then write a message asking them to scrap the arts tax tomorrow.

3. Not on Facebook or Twitter? Please continue to share the petition via email — with every new signature, Scottish Councils & the Scottish Government receive a message calling for them to scrap the arts tax.

4. If you live in Edinburgh: contact your local councillor to tell them to scrap the arts tax.

Enforcing a licence on free entertainment could cripple grassroots arts and culture in Edinburgh, a city internationally renowned for its Fringe Festival and arts heritage, at a time when under-resources artists are already striggling to raise funds.

Thanks for being part of this,

– Brie and the team

PS – If you want to stay up-to-date with the campaign to stop the arts tax in Scotland you can join the Facebook group that’s been started here.

Also if you’re in Edinburgh tomorrow night and are a freelancer, why not go along to Edinburgh Freelance Friday, organised by Clear-Minded Creative Type Emily Dodd. It’s always a good night. Unfortunately I can’t make it this time but will be around for the next one.

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