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Inspiration Injection: Your 5 a Day for Jan 3rd 2012

Photo by Sarah G (click for Flickr profile)

I find a lot of great stuff online but I’m not always sure how to best share it, in case I overload people with too much information (no doubt one of the biggest barriers to creativity and productivity in this ‘always online’ era).

In his book ‘The Information Diet’, a Case for Conscious Consumption‘, Clay Johnson compares our knowledge intake to our food intake. In both cases, there is good and bad, e.g. junk food and crap information.

As with eating our 5 a day of fruit and veg in order to improve our energy levels and physical health,  he advises we filter out the junk and consume only the most worthwhile content in order to be clear-minded.  This isn’t an easy task which is why online ‘curation’ is now so popular.

So I thought I’d test out the idea of posting regular ‘inspiration injections’, limited to 5 items under a variety of topics that catch my eye.

I’ve also included a Scottish Supplement for more local news and articles (music is the main focus today).

Please note this is very much in the test stages right now. Let me know in the comments if you think you would find it useful, and how often would be preferable. 


Top Artists Reveal How to Find Creative Inspiration – bumper post of great advice from The Guardian


2012 Business Catalyst Awards – Jonathan Fields highlights some of the best online resources for businesses and entrepreneurs


Codecademy – Learn to code the easy way in 2012


Why You Should Start Your New Year in February by Mike Vardy (bonus – Vardy also reviewed the Information Diet, mentioned above)

The Fight Goes On – a battle cry after beating depression from The Bloggess

The Scottish Supplement – The Brewing up a Storm Edition

4 replies on “Inspiration Injection: Your 5 a Day for Jan 3rd 2012”

Oh, how I wish I could take advantage of the local Scottish recommendations. Ah well.
I’ve started combing through the Top Artist Inspirations, and scanned through the BizCat post, but there is a LOT of information there. They are great links, but maybe a bit much to contain in an ‘injection’ that is intended to summarize?
I’d maybe suggest limiting an index-type post to one link to an index, with a pointer to which parts you liked. That way, the reader is consuming one list of links, rather than a list of lists, which may be overwhelming (or just not readable in one go, and then it may get lost in the RSS pile! horrors! 🙂


Good point Margaret maybe I shouldn’t have started with those two massive posts!

Perhaps this kind of post would be best sent once a week on a Friday or Saturday so that people can catch up over the weekend.

p.s. thanks very much for your input it’s really useful – and hopefully you can still enjoy some of the Scottish music even if you can’t come to the gigs 🙂


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