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Homegame 2011: Random Extracts

So, Homegame was bloody good. As is my wont, I took a bunch of amateurish footage (this time on the iPhone) and have compiled it into this video which hopefully gives a small taste of how good the performances and atmosphere were. Apologies for the general shiteness of the cameraman.


Here are some random (personal) photos taken from the weekend too. Below is also a video of some footage from last year that I’ve not posted on the blog yet (the nice footage was filmed by Aileen Robertson of Avian Learning Experiment).

Of course there are much greater talents than me documenting the whole thing – here’s a video of Slow Club doing an excellent (but rather unseasonal) acoustic number filmed by Blair from The Forest of Black, who’s proper Homegame film from last year I am still eagerly awaiting. You can see the trailer and stunning short films from last year’s Away Game and Fence’s 2009 Halloween Party on their website under “music promos and documentaries”.

There are some wonderful photos on the Fence Facebook page from Dylan of Blueback Hotrod and Nickie Divine, and there is more coverage over at the Beefboard.

I also failed to video Found’s set in Legends on Sunday night as I was in full on party mode by then. Well worth checking out instead is their new video filmed in the legendary Fisher & Donaldson’s bakery/confectioners and the chance to get hold of some edible chocolate vinyl of the single.. (warning: this page plays the single automatically)

Fence have announced there won’t be a Homegame next year, but they have an excellent gig coming up next Sunday in Glasgow, and you can see King Creosote play with The Last Battle at their new EP launch, 30th June in Edinburgh.


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