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Pears in bowl - by Elizabeth Destouches

Hello! No, I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been a bit disorganised recently.

Firstly, thanks very much to Elizabeth and Paul for sharing their creative work on Facebook as part of Share Your Wares Sunday. Now I know full well that a lot more of you are doing good stuff (hint – blog posts count as creative too), so feel free to share what you’re up to either over on Facebook or in the comments. I’ll not limit it to Sundays but that would be the best day as it allows me to keep track of it.

Ten Top Creative Types

There are now 10 Clear-Minded Creative types featured on this blog, not to mention the Four Creative Types that I interviewed for (who were the unwitting guineapigs for the series).

And although there’s plenty more interviews with inspiring creative people to come, I’ve not had the chance to get them online for a couple of weeks (apologies) so it seems like as good a time as any to catch up with what our ten creative types so far have been up to.


I’m still reeling from what’s happened in Japan, it’s almost unimaginable what people went through when the earthquake and tsunami struck and are continuing to go through with the aftermath, especially the truly terrifying nuclear power station problems. It certainly puts things into perspective in my own little life, where I often complain for the sake of complaining, forgetting how truly fortunate I am.

  • Hande Zapsu Watt and her friends at the Istanbul Review are asking people to make 1000 folded cranes to send a message of hope to the children of Japan, it’s a really nice idea and I hope you consider getting involved as it is definitely an opportunity to do something creative and feel you’re making a contribution. Of course you can also help in other ways – Google’s crisis response page is a good place to start, and Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen also has suggestions of how to help out.
  • Andrew Eaton is still posting some of his more obscure recordings on his ‘Might Make a B-Side’ blog, and through his label Biphonic Records (which he runs with Swimmer One bandmate Hamish Brown) he’s releasing a new album by a band called Luxury Car which is worth checking out.
  • Mr Thom Chambers has released the most recent issue of In Treehouses, called The Profit of Free which is all about using free content to build an audience. As always, it’s beautifully designed and acts as a teaser for his new product, the Free Fans Kit which looks very useful indeed.
  • Our most recent interview was with Mary Gordon of Creative voyage who’s got an interesting post on ‘the joy of part-time work’. I would agree, but I’ve only actually had two of my Monday’s free since going part-time as I’ve been working freelance or travelling back from family visits all of the other days. But yes, in theory, I agree  🙂

So, what creative stuff have you been up to? Let me know in the comments!

* Affiliate links – if you buy, I get a cut. I only recommend things I own myself and have found useful.

2 replies on “Creative Types Catch Up”

Hi Milo,

Thanks for the link in this post, much appreciated.

Still coming up with a few ideas for poems – much as I don’t really appreciate the art form, I’m finding it strangely enjoyable trying to write ones that entertain me. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good, but the experiment is interesting. I fear the next stage is to find small events where they could be read out, but I don’t like talking in front of people at the best of times…

Also, hopefully within the next month, I’ll be reducing my working week to 30 hours. This will also be an interesting experiment, because I hope to use the extra time to work on more stuff. While none of it will be paid in the slightest (sadly!), I hope it’ll give me chance to put in more effort finding outlets for what I do write. Doubtless much of it will be web-based, but I’m hoping to find more local things. There must be some kind of creative network, even here in rural North Staffordshire!

I don’t half envy city-dwellers sometimes though…


Hi Paul,

I’ve never really written poems but I used to write a lot of lyrics, it was good fun.

Sounds good about reducing your hours – it certainly worked for me – you never know about getting paid work, it might happen sooner than you think!

Oh and maybe look further afield if there’s nothing near you – the internet means you don’t have to worry about location quite so much!


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