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Introducing: Share Your Wares Sundays (& free Four for Feb PDF)

So here at long last is the promised downloadable PDF featuring the work of some of our Four for Feb creative talents. Yep, just right click on the below link and select ‘save as’ to download and it’s all yours. Or just click and you’ll be able to view it in your browser.

Four for Feb – File Under Finished

(featuring Blythe Robertson, Kim Manley Ort, Melissa Davies, Aunty Emily, BaldbossPaul MacLeod and a couple of others).

Introducing: Share Your Wares Sundays

Now although the Spring-clean Your Routine challenge is all about stopping doing things that are no longer a good use of your time, I know that a lot of readers of this blog are still doing great work each and every week. And that’s why I thought ‘Share your Wares Sundays’ would be a good idea – so that you can let other people see what you’ve been up to during the week on the Clear-Minded Creative Facebook page.

Whaddya mean, “Wares”?

Now the word ‘wares’ usually refers to ‘goods for sale’ but I thought it fit here because

(1) it rhymes with shares

and (2) I want to encourage you to value your creative outputs and maybe even consider selling them in future.

The most important thing for now though is to share them and let other people see them, so if you’ve done something creative this week, feel free to post it. There is only one rule:

Rule 1: You must have completed it during the 7 days prior to the Sunday you post it. Note that it doesn’t matter when you started it, it could have been five years ago for all I care, but it has to have been completed during the past 7 days.

That’s it! Hopefully there will be something you create this week that you’ll be up for sharing next Sunday 🙂

P.s. a note on this blog’s schedule

I’ve not been sticking to the schedule of posting Mondays and Thursdays as religiously as I did at the beginning because I’ve had extra freelance work on and it’s keeping me extremely busy, plus in two months I get married and there is a lot of stuff to do for that. Also I’m thinking it might get a bit dull and I’ve got a few different ideas I’d like to try out in the next few weeks.

So apologies if you notice a variation in the days I post over the next wee while. If I can settle into a workable pattern I might change the schedule permanently, in which case I’ll let you know.

11 replies on “Introducing: Share Your Wares Sundays (& free Four for Feb PDF)”

This is a nice plan, except not everybody uses Facebook. (Okay, particularly me.) Feministe does a Shameless Self-Promotion Sundays post every week on their blog – you wouldn’t be up for something like that? Although I get that maybe your own schedule wouldn’t allow for it.


Fair point Nine, I’ll have a think about whether doing it on the blog would also work. Would anyone else prefer this to Facebook?


As mentioned briefly in a previous comment, ironically I deleted my Facebook account a few months ago in an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend on the internet! So an alternative would be appreciated, but it’s hard to suggest what without knowing how the ‘Facebook audience’ compares to the ‘blog audience’ (if that makes sense…)


I’ll probably post something on the blog as well then, for those of you still in denial of Facebook as the future repository of all of our lives wohaha


Ha ha! It was while watching (the frankly brilliant) The Social Network that I realised how happy I was with my decision to leave the site. A load of guys in suits celebrating their millionth member made me slightly uncomfortable (though that doesn’t explain why I’m happy to use Twitter – I think that just feels less invasive).

Having said that, from the point of view of being able to ‘connect’ with more readers of this blog and their work (and, selfishly, to try and get my own work before other like-minded individuals), I’d consider signing up again. There’s nothing that says Facebook MUST be used for finding out the minutiae of people you knew at school’s lives! (one of the things that led me to get bored of it in the first place).


Hi Paul, sorry for delay replying. I enjoyed that film too though some doubts have been cast on its accuracy. It is scary how much of our personal info we give away to these huge social sites, as well as Google and whoever else. But you’re right, from a blogger’s perspective it is useful in terms of being able to keep in touch with people, either other bloggers or readers.

Compared to Twitter, RSS and even email subscribers, there are fewer people following the CMC Facebook page (and apparently only 10% of what is posted is even seen by people because we don’t necessarily see everything in our news feeds). I do like the fact that people can share their creative work on there though for others to see which is why I thought this would be a good idea.


Very cool. I’m inspired checking out your blog and how many creatives are out there.

I live in Brooklyn, NY and Edinburgh is one of my favorite places. My husband has a client there he designs music cover artwork for, and it’s been such a pleasure getting over there. We bring his wife American peanut butter, apparently it’s just not the same over there.

I love how the whole town smells like hops. My favorite spot for a brew is the Halfway House.

I’m going off on a bit of a Scotland tangent here, but thanks for putting out some great content. Looking forward to reading more about your creative journeys.


Hi Susan,

Looks like we have similar interests, your blog looks great!

I visited NYC for the first time 2 years ago, and crossing the bridge to Brooklyn and sampling the local lager was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! Glad you like Edinburgh too, maybe we should set up some kind of exchange programme for creative types 😉


Well done Nicole, love the site. Nice use of testimonials and it’s great to be able to see your photos and videos too!


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