Happy New Year!

Hello! I’m excited to kick of 2011 with my first ‘proper’ post on this new blog – and I decided to record a quick video just to explain a bit further what you can expect.

In the video I talk briefly about the need for creative people to gain clarity, consistency and confidence in order to move ahead with their work.

The lack of any of these can seriously hold you back – and coincidentally, straight after I recorded it I was checking my Google Reader and found this excellent video by Chris Brogan on the exact same topic: My Escape Velocity – Confidence is a Key

I think he might be copying me with that beard though..

I’ve now also added an About Page in case you’re interested, and over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring what I mean by Clear-Minded Creativity a little further. In fact, posting here regularly is my ‘blogging new year resolution’, as you can see from this post over at Blogging Teacher in which I and 34 other bloggers reveal our intentions for the year.

What Have You Got Planned?

As I mention in the video, I’d love to hear about the creative projects you’ve all got planned for 2011 – please let me know in the comments!

20 replies on “Happy New Year!”

Hey Milo,
Great new site my friend, and perfect timing on the launch. I love the idea behind the site because I know from my own experience how hard it can be to not only *get* clear on your creative efforts, but *stay* clear on them. I’ve seen and read enough from you to know that you’ve got plenty of value to add to those – like myself – who struggle with these issues.

My primary project to start this new year off is re-working my primary site (How To Matter) into not only just a blog, but a marketplace for my web-related services. It’s about 30% complete as of now, but I should be done by the middle of this month. This, and a few online side-projects with my wife, and 2011 is set to be creative and rewarding indeed.

Nice work Milo, looking very forward to more from you.



Happy New Year Jeb, and many thanks for commenting and helping me get things started here, it’s much appreciated. It’s nerve-wracking having the site live at long last!

Very good point about *staying* clear on creative work too, it’s definitely an ongoing process.

Can’t wait to see the new and improved How to Matter, and best of luck with the other projects too. Looking forward to hearing more as the year progresses.


Hi Milo

Great idea. Clarity is one of my main stumbling blocks when it comes to trying to get ahead, as well general cynicism of most things that could well work for me positive,y if I was, erm, a bit more positive.

Anyway, for the year ahead I’m looking to shake off ennui of 2010 and write more and write better. Not much, I know, but it’s something!

Looking forward to reading more man.


Hey Billy, thanks for commenting.

The thing that’s amazed me is how much hard work it takes to get that clarity. I guess it must come naturally to a lot of people who seem to know what they want from an early age, but not for me. It took me a long time to get the concept for this blog together in my head for example. Oh, and I will definitely be challenging people’s cynicism here (and my own!), in fact there’ll be a post coming up very soon on the topic..

Write more and write better is a good aim, good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Write more and write better probably sums my aims up too – 2010 was a bit of a bust in terms of creative projects for a number of reasons, but this blog is about looking forward I reckon!

Once I shake off this flu my first project of 2011 will be to get a “professional” website up and running – after that, who knows?


Hi Lis, it seemed like you were pretty busy to me, there was that whole ‘getting married’ thing after all! But yes, looking forward is important. I had to stop myself from doing other projects to get this off the ground, most of which were self-indulgent ‘looking backwards’ stuff so you’ve hit the nail right on the head there.

Good luck with the pro site – if it’s a portfolio style you’re looking for this is a helpful article:


Milo –

Happy New Year! Congratulations on the launch of CMC…it looks absolutely awesome and I can tell you put a lot of effort and heart into this. Just great!

Clarity is absolutely something I have difficulty with. For 2011, I will continue writing on my blog, Fearless Endeavors. Throughout 2011, I want to focus on and explore how people can live a more fearless life…and with that, I want to explore and play around with what exactly that means :).

Can’t wait to see what’s next here! If you need help with anything..or just need anything at all, definitely let me know.



Hi Nate and thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot. Great to have you on board!

Glad to hear you’ll still be blogging at FE. I’ve definitely noticed with recent posts that you’ve been honing your message so I think you’re doing pretty well with the whole clarity thing, but i’ll try and help further if I can here! Also I think fear is something everyone could do with a helping hand with *especially* when doing creative stuff.


Hurray for new projects! Look forward to having you help with self-enlightenment, auto-illumination and future elucidation. My year ahead is a bit of a question-mark, with lots of maybes and let’s-sees, but I’m going to get nose to grindstone again on a new novel; try to hack my way forward, through all the unfilled pages.

happy new year!


Thanks Sean, I’m not an expert at such things, but I hope to facilitate the sharing of some good ideas and inspirations. I hope you’ll also contribute to the elucidating at some point along the way 😉

A bit of uncertainty and flexibility is a nice thing to have ahead of you, I think. Best of luck with hunting down the words and ideas to fill the pages of your novel!


Cheers Fabian, and I very much appreciate your help in making sure I got to this point.

I won’t be playing that guitar in public until I actually get round to learning it a bit better.. I don’t want to scare everybody off!


MILO!So great to put a face and voice to the avatar.

We are twins! Except you are far along. I love the name. Love the idea. I am so happy that you are clear on your direction.

We should collaborate!

But anyways, I am working on my site, as you know. Trying to get my movement going. Once I get a name, the world will align. Hopefuly. I am excited to see how you engage us all to get more clear minded. : )


Ha ha thanks Shenee, yes it definitely does feel good to have an aim in mind. Very intrigued about your new site too – the name will come for sure.

Collaboration is something I need to do more of, so yes, we should talk!


Hi Milo,

Great blog, I cant wait to follow your journey and be inspired myself. I was passed onto the site by my friend Emily over at Greener Leith.

I think you are completely on the button and for me fera plays a big part or it all, as well as “living life in phases”. That’s what I was doing for my entire life; in a band, doing musical theatre, making films, writing, songwriting, playing football etc etc….

I’ve settled on writing and primarily screenwriting, my aims for 2011 are to write two feature films, to promote the two I have already, to gain my first commision, to shoot a handfull of short films, to network and create opportunities and to constantly be learning the craft.

We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your words and like I say I’m looking forward to reading and watching your posts.




Hey Neil, many thanks for stopping by and commenting. Emily seems to be a very good person to know, she’s doing a great job of spreading the word!

I can definitely relate to having changing interests over time, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing I guess as it’s all good experience. Having two films written already is certainly no mean feat, congratulations! Will be keeping an eye out for your work in future.


Congrats on the new site Milo. It looks great.

Looking forward to your take on clarity and confidence.

This year I’m focusing on getting my membership site up and running. So I’m sure I’ll be checking in to your posts!



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