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The ‘Burgh Bootlegs #2 – Stars in Their Eyes with eagleowl & friends

This was an amazing night.  Well done to Bart and the rest of eagleowl, our host Matthew Kelly as well as all the musicians that took part and everyone in the audience who contributed to it being so much fun!

p.s. apologies to Kate Bush who I didn’t get any decent footage of but she was fantastic.

p.p.s. The night before was the Song, By Toad Christmas Party which was also a superb night, with excellent performances by The Savings & Loan, Jesus H. Foxx, Yusuf Azak, Inspector Tapehead, Rob St. John & an incredible headline set by Meursault topping off an amazing year for them and the label. Unfortunately the Burgh Bootlegs cameraman was a little worse for wear so didn’t have much usable footage! Read The Scotsman’s 5 star review

7 replies on “The ‘Burgh Bootlegs #2 – Stars in Their Eyes with eagleowl & friends”

Friday night was SO MUCH FUN, I’m really glad I made it! And also glad I was able to see you on my flying visit. (Which may not be so flying if the weather leaves me stranded in Edinburgh over Christmas.)


Fun overload. Also liver overload. Don’t remember seeing you and Mel at the after party, Milo, but then I don’t remember much from the after party. Apart from dancing with Neil’s Annie Lennox wig on and something about Easy Lover.


We said cheerio outside Robbie’s but obviously you don’t remember that either! Was all partied out by that point. Shame I missed a bit of Phil Collins though, gutted 😉


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