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The ‘Burgh Bootlegs #1: Gerry Loves Xmas

The sound on this is surprisingly good for a cameraphone but the visuals aren’t because I didn’t have a great view of the stage and my filming was a pretty half-arsed attempt. Think of it as ambient video..

Still, hopefully it gives you an idea of what a cracking night Gerry Loves Records put on at the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh on Friday, despite some last minute line-up changes due to the weather.

Apologies also the audience members who are in shot. Due to the fact this was filmed entirely without permission and without any attempt at professionalism I’m calling it the Burgh Bootlegs #1. Like most of the new series I start on this blog, who knows if there actually will be a #2..

I thoroughly recommend you pop over to the Gerry Loves Records website to get hold of their latest release which is superb – it features the excellent song Tomlinson’s Rant by Wounded Knee that features in the video (which is about the death of Ian Tomlinson), and great tracks by the Japanese War Effort, Miaoux Miaoux and Fox Gut Daata.

Those who played on Friday were:

Neil Pennycook of Meursault YahwehDebutantFox Gut DaataWounded Knee

2 replies on “The ‘Burgh Bootlegs #1: Gerry Loves Xmas”

Thank you for posting and creating this!

You’re right, the sound is incredible for a phone.
I’m just really excited about getting a chance to see a gist of what it was like that night.. Takes me back to August and Retreat! 🙂



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