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Video review of Amazon’s Kindle 3

Reviews of gadgets are actually pretty boring aren’t they? Whilst my Guide to the iPhone was pretty well received, I wasn’t really inspired to do a similar thing for the Kindle- there just wasn’t as much to say. But if you’re interested in the good and bad points of Amazon’s e-reader, this super-quick overview might help.

I have to point out that despite its flaws, overall I’m really pleased with the purchase. It isn’t a choice between this and an iPad, as the iPad clearly does a lot more – but if you want something affordable to replace all those print books cluttering up your shelves, then this could be worth a look.

3 replies on “Video review of Amazon’s Kindle 3”

I don’t know what you mean Fabian, it’s a classic remix.

I was pretty uninspired with this video to be honest but I’m glad the weird ending made it worthwhile!


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