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Overdue Update #1: Better Job & BBC 6Music appearance

The Organisation? (image: Industrial Darwinism by kevindooley)

So I don’t usually talk about work here but I will make a rare exception because yesterday was my last day working in the Media & Communications Division of the organisation I work for*, where I’ve worked for almost 3 and a half years, both as a Media Monitor and on the mysterious “News Planning” desk.

I haven’t left the organisation but I am moving to a new post in a new building, to be a ‘Digital Co-ordinator’ which is all to do with websites and the like (and also the environment/climate change). As one of my former colleagues commented in my leaving card, it is “a proper job at last” and should actually be quite interesting.

In some ways I was quite sad to go actually, not because I’ll miss the actual work I was doing which wasn’t particularly exciting, but because the Comms Division has a good bunch of folk working there and compared to some of the more sleepy parts of the organisation is a lively place to work and has a good atmosphere – indeed journalists who have visited have compared it to the buzzing news rooms of old, before the lay-offs. I’ll still be dealing with many of them though in my new job anyway so they haven’t got rid of me yet!

Anyway for my leaving gift I was given a 50 pound Fopp voucher so I’m looking forward to cashing that in some time over the next few days 🙂

* I’m not comfortable naming my place of work on the public internet and I’m pretty sure they are also happier if I don’t.

My BBC 6Music Appearance

Save BBC 6music
Save 6 Music badge by Dylan Matthews

While you’re here , if you live in the UK there’s still time (until midnight Thursday) to listen to my appearance on Shaun Keaveny’s show on BBC6 Music last Friday on the ole iPlayer (I am on at around the 01:17:00 mark after Dinosaur Jnr). After sending in a random text to the show I was asked to choose a song for the ‘my morning racket’ slot – so because it is still a favourite of mine I chose Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks (when they called me they asked for 3 choices so it could also have been the Wave Pictures or Jeffrey Lewis).

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