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The Gaseous Brain Guide to the iPhone

An iPhone ponce, yesterdayFinally, by popular demand (well two people expressed a vague interest), I present my ultimate guide to Steve Jobs’ expensively addictive hand-extension for show-offs. This has been a long-time coming because to be honest it was turning into an incredibly dreary piece of slavering apple fanboi tedium, but I think the finished piece is a bit more entertaining than your typical self-indulgent tech-wankathon. At least I hope so.

Obviously if you are one of the strange breed who turns into a growling, foaming-mouthed tornado of rage at even the mention of Apple products, then this post isn’t for you, and I suggest getting back to your latest 3-hour virus scan (joke!)

The apps I include are some of the ones you might not have heard of, as opposed to the more obvious ones I use every day like Tweetie, Facebook, Tumblr, and the stuff that comes with the phone itself like email, the native notes app and google maps/GPS (which has so far been utterly invaluable as a sat nav stand-in).

Also below I’ve included a wee list of other resources for finding out about more apps if you are so inclined. Let me know what apps you use if you have one of the shiny time-wasting futurephones, and if you have any sources for finding out about the good uns, please leave a comment.

Watch the whole 12 minute video via Vimeo:

Or if you’re on an iPhone or have a short-attention span, watch it in two exciting installments via YouTube:

Part one 

Part deux

Other useful iPhone App links:

Daring Fireball No one outside of Apple’s Cupertino HQ knows more about what they’re up to than John Gruber. He frequently has the inside scoop on what will be announced at the likes of WWDC and often highlights interesting new apps.

Just Another iPhone Blog I’ve had some good recommendations from this blog, which is well worth subscribing to – it’s got more of the feel of a personal blog than something that’s just there to get lots of traffic.

App Advice’s App Awards Found this on the above blog, not saying I agree with the results but it’s a good place to start for an overview of the popular apps out there.

“Geek Rock Stars favourite Apps” ReadWriteWeb have this summary of what some of the top tech geeks use.

Planet of the Apps The Guardian had a decent piece in today’s G2 section about the “app economy”

TechCrunch on the Spotify app Spotify are waiting to see if Apple will approve their game-changing submission to the app store, and thus make their premium account worth paying for. But because it competes directly with iTunes, they may not.

And of course there are hundreds of other sites pumping out an endless barrage of iPhone related trivia – with augmented reality the new exciting trend for those fuckers with 3GS and its built in compass.  And on that note, I can only quote my better half from the video above when she says “enough about the iPhone already!”

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6 replies on “The Gaseous Brain Guide to the iPhone”

"Say you’ve seen a rather nice cup…"Well, if technology doesn’t seem like magic, it’s probably obsolete (as a wise man once said). Me, I’m still using a Sony Ericsson W800i. And cups.


Cups are so last century DP, get with the programme! (seriously though, I amaze myself with the nonsense I come out with sometimes)


Thanks Lis, have just downloaded it and it’s hilarious!Danny, Bebot seems to be a favourite, though have to admit the novelty does wear off…


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