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The Cottage (a personal video)

At the weekend we went over to visit my dad and relatives over in Derry in Northern Ireland. We also visited the cottage where I lived for 3 years (between 11 and 14) in a very small village called Culoort or Killourt (depending on how you want to spell it) which is in Malin Head in Inishowen, Co. Donegal. This video shows what it’s like – very picturesque but it wasn’t always a great place to be a teenager, especially one who was used to living in the city and whose English accent made him stick out like a sore thumb!

As it’s a traditional Irish thatched cottage it needs to be rethatched approx every 7 years – the one next door which I also filmed shows how quickly these 200+ old buildings can fall into disrepair. 

I recorded the music on my dad’s out of tune mandolin using the iTalk app on the iPhone. I also made a rough demo using the same recording which you can hear over at myspace (if you’re brave). – This is a Low– because it mentions Malin Head – but only because it is one of the places mentioned in the shipping forecast..

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