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The Big Apple

On Thursday Mel and I are heading New York City for the first time ever for five days. To say we’re excited is something of an understatement. We’ve both discussed going there many times since the day we got together – and we’ll be celebrating 11 years since that fateful day while we’re there (yes I am bloody old)- so I’m hoping some of the romance from the above picture will rub off on us (after all I don’t need to be in Manhattan for the Woody-esque morbid neuroses and unintentional slapstick comedy to commence).

I also have a personal link to NYC as my grandparents on my Dad’s side emigrated there from Ireland many years ago, and went through the whole Ellis Island process when they arrived. My cousin Rory lives there now and I’m hoping we can hook up with him when we get there.

I guess the trip could be a let-down given the expectations built up over the years through the iconic imagery of countless classic films, and through reading about all the amazing musical history that’s taken place there, not least the emergence of Bob Dylan, one of my all-time heroes. Of course, things aren’t the same as they were in the 60’s but I’m guessing that there’s so much going on there I won’t have time to be disappointed. 

I’ve also managed to get myself into another fine mess by declaring that I am going to take part in the notorious open mic night at the Sidewalk Cafe on Monday night, which the likes of Beck, Jeffrey Lewis, The Moldy Peaches and Regina Spektor have previously performed at. It could be a tough crowd, but I have one friend there, a man who calls himself Antifolk Chameleon (after the venue that Lach used before the Sidewalk) who has already offered me the loan of his guitar. And as he has been very supportive in the past of both my Tantrum Man and Swivel Chair musical projects, I can’t very well let the man down. 

So please wish us luck, let me know if you’ve been and if so what you recommend doing. Oh, and send me good vibes on Monday night!

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Man, it won’t be a disappointment, I’ve had the great fortune of having been there twice and it’s impossible not fall in love with the place. I’m not exactly well traveled, but I can quite confidently say that there is nowhere else like it in the world. If all goes well, I will live there some day… Enjoy!


I guess the trip could be a let-down given the expectations built up over the years through the iconic imagery of countless classic films, and through reading about all the amazing musical history that’s taken place there…See, I wondered the same – but instead, I found it only made the place seem gloriously familiar. I got out of the taxi from Newark a couple of years ago, and felt like I’d finally come home.Have a fantastic time – I can’t wait to hear all about it.


Andy, thanks – moving there sounds like a good ambition, I’ve got the feeling I may be joining you in that goal once I’ve been there too.Lis, that’s good to hear. I can’t really imagine being disappointed either but thought I’d better try not to get too overexcited.. not expecting to sleep much tonight! I will definitely report back 🙂


Darlin! You will love it! We lived there for six years, it was/is the center of the universe, don’t let anyone tell you any differently :)Let me know what you wish to see/eat/do, I’ll send you off in the right direction if I can. You must walk in Central Park – no it’s not a let down in any way, it’s simply beautiful and amazing to be inside that huge city and then entombed in nature at the same time. You must have a meal at Zabar’s deli, everything is good and someone will tell you whatever you need to know about anything while sitting at the counter, NY’ers are full of opinions and not hesitant to tell you them either! You must walk through the East Village with all the cool kids and look in the creepy shops and eat vegetarian food at some incredibly cheap place, or splurge for sushi, either way! You must go visit Ellis Island on the ferry – it’s very much worth it, a beautiful museum like restoration of the buildings with tons of archival information. You must go to the Strand – the best/largest used book store in the world. Don’t eat pretzels off the street vendors downtown, they’re nasty and horribly dirty. Don’t be worried about asking for directions, everyone’s in a hurry but 9 times outta 10 will be happy to tell you which way to go. Don’t mistake brusqueness for rudeness. Don’t get in a taxi without knowing the general way you should be going, especially from any airport, keep an eye out. Don’t carry your wallet in an outside pocket, no kidding, natives never do that and we don’t carry large sums of money either, pickpockets are very very good at what they do. And don’t worry about much else, it’s a very safe place aside from the occasional rip off artist and the all too frequent pickpocket. In all of our six years we heard gunshot only 3 or 4 times 😀 Wear comfy shoes, you will walk and walk and walk and walk and want to die at the end of the day but die happy :)And the music is amazing… look up gigs on… sometimes the little stuff in the village or over in brooklyn are the best ones! Don’t be afraid to leave the island, brookklyn is beautiful! xoxo,Tart – who wishes she were going back!


Wow, that’s awesome advice Tart, thanks very much! We will do our best to fit it all in- at Edinburgh airport now, just waiting to board…


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