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Fence Homegame 6 – Video Diary (some very selective personal highlights)

Yes I have finally experienced the Fence Homegame in Anstruther and it was well worth the wait. The above video diary shows a few of the bands we saw, a lot of which have already featured on the podcasts. I only had very limited space on my wee digital camera so didn’t manage to capture everything, e.g.Viking Moses leading us in a mass singalong of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Lover Lover Lover’, Pictish Trail doing a lovely cover of Hot Chip’s Boy From School, James Yorkston doing a great live version of ‘Woozy with Cider’ and numerous other perfect moments.

In fact, because so much was going on simultaneously in different venues, we totally missed loads of special events like the Three Craws (the hall was full by the time we got there), Ichi who many said was their highlight, any other secret shows that I didn’t have a ticket for like James Yorkston doing Daniel Johnston covers.. the list goes on. I have to say I would be gutted to miss those things if I didn’t have such an amazing time at the things I did go to. 

I can see now that Fence is all about the Homegame experience, and the rest of the year I will be just biding time for the next one – it has to be the friendliest, most laid back festival I’ve been to. But it looks likely that next year’s event will be a smaller one, so good luck getting tickets if you fancy going…

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Great video Milo! I can’t believe I grew up about 10 miles along the road and have still never been to Homegame. Next chance I get I’m going to Anstruther for a fish supper – will go to Wee Fish Bar as directed.


Thanks Nick, you should be ashamed of yourself, in fact I can’t believe I’ve not been to the previous 5.I have to say I’m swerving towards the award winning chippie myself, it’s definitely still well worth a visit but there is a bit of a queue. apparently they also have one on Leith Walk now, but not quite the same as eating it beside Anstruther pier!


Nice summary !Glad to get a glimpse of shows I had to miss for one reason or another, and yet no matter what we missed we all had a splendid time didn’t we?Oh and my vote is the Wee Chippy too.


Hey Ade, cheers for saying so and thanks for your chippy vote!A splendid time was indeed had by all. However next year I’m going to clone myself like Michael Keaton in the classic film ‘Multiplicity’ so I (or should that be we) can see everything.Just been watching the footage BBC Scotland filmed in their wee van outside the Town Hall, some cracking stuff: (thanks to whoever posted the link on the fence messageboard)


Top stuff Milo – didn’t realise that was you with the UJ&W t-shirt!Also, thanks for the Panda Su video – she’s been going to Homegame for years, but I hadn’t made the connection before.(ps – Wee Chippy all the way for me!!!)


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