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Video: Edinburgh band ‘Found’ provoke outbreak of crazy dancing

 The Fence Homegame Pre-season Friendly on Saturday at Old St. Paul’s Church in Edinburgh was a great way to spend Saturday afternoon/evening. We got there just in time to catch the end of Pictish Trail’s set, for some reason he didn’t seem to have turned the mic on and it was already pretty rammed so we didn’t get the full experience but we did get a front row seat for the lovely Animal Magic Tricks and the hilariously insane Men Diamler (whose CDs I bought), and a storming solo performance by Neil from Meursault (which convinced my cousin Lucy to buy their album) all of whom are pictured below.

The highlight for me though was finally seeing Found, who I’ve managed to miss seeing live despite buying their first album back when it first came out a couple of years back. They were superb and the below scenes demonstrate their ability to get people up dancing and have a bloody good time. That was only topped by the next song, a performance of Let Fidelity Break from their new EP (as featured on this month’s podcast).

By that time though I, my friends and a whole load of other people had given in to the irresistible urge to join in the crazy dancing so so no video footage exists. Still, you can buy the record here.

Animal Magic Tricks

Neil from Meursault

Men Diamler

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