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HMS Ginafore & King Creosote – Love + Hate = Hate

Amazing how someone with a voice as stunning as HMS Ginafore could lack faith in their abilities. However, Ginafore – real name Jenny Gordon – is infamously reluctant to perform live despite collaborating with most of the Fence collective at some time or another.

Better late than never though, as Ginafore has one of the loveliest female voices to come out of Scotland in recent years. Her songwriting also stands up well beside new tracks by Creosote, and musically it’s all held together by slick production that’s equal parts electro sheen and shimmering banjos and guitars – lending a sunny, dreamy vibe to what is pretty much the perfect partnership. But don’t expect any I Got You Babe moments – this is a joint offering of individual tracks from both artists rather than an all for one collaboration, despite the sexy shenanigans suggested by the 70s style cover art.

Published in the November issue of The Skinny Magazine

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