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BBC Radio Scotland appearance

On Thursday (2nd October) I appeared on BBC Radio Scotland’s MacAuley and Co programme to debate the music of the sixties. The show was guest presented by Richard Gordon standing in for Fred MacAuley and I was pitted against Mark Robertson of Scottish listings magazine The List, who was arguing that the sixties was over-rated, whilst I was arguing the case for it being the most influential decade. We both had 30 seconds to argue our main points, and then we were asked some more questions and they also played us some snippets of songs and we had to identify which decade they were from.

My main argument was that we should look beyond the usual clichés and look at the amazing innovations that occurred throughout the decade, with popular culture at its most important and inspired due to world events such as the civil rights and equal rights movements, and the coming together of black and white music. I was also quizzed on why, as a 31 year old, I was so into music from a decade that I didn’t experience for myself (fair point!)

Although I was quite nervous beforehand I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I think it went well (don’t know how I didn’t recognise Tin Soldier by the Small Faces though!)

You can hear it on the BBC iPlayer until 9th October if you are in the UK. It starts at around 4 minutes 30 seconds into the programme.

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