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Herman Düne – Giant

A review of the new album from Herman Düne will follow shortly, meanwhile here’s the one I did of the last, for Is This Music?

Herman Düne – Giant

knew little about Herman Düne before last summers’ ‘Hey You, Get Off My
Pavement'(other than having heard the sublime ‘Not on Top’) but their
performance, led by the endearingly goofy David-Ivar, convinced me
right away that they were something special.  David-Ivar’s
songs are effortlessly, instantly memorable. From the first single, ‘I
Wish That I Could See You Soon’ onwards, their new album (or in David
Ivar’s Swedish-Chef-from-The-Muppets-accent “alboom”) alternates
between songs penned by he and his brother Andre (who sadly no longer
tours with the band). Whilst David-Ivar’s songs are lyrically playful,
melodically simple and wear his heart on their sleeves, Andre’s songs
are a stranger, more exotic breed which makes this an uneven but
fascinating listen. The album’s varied instrumentation, including a
brass section and girl group the Woo-Woos on backing vocals, reflect
the family’s multinational background. But it’s that other, more
accessible and humorous side of Bob Dylan that comes to mind with
David-Ivar’s songs, as well as nods to Leonard Cohen with use of a
jew’s harp and a mention of his famous blue raincoat. There is a
noticeable theme of long-distance relationships running through songs
such as ‘Take Him Back To New York City’ and ‘When the Water Gets Cold
and Freezes on the Lake’, songs that cheer the heart but also leave a
sense of sadness and loss. 

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