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Radiohead @ Glasgow Green, 27th June 2008

“Nice day for it. You should all move down south…” Perhaps goading the drenched Glasgow Green crowd who paid £40 each for the privilege to see his band isn’t the best way for Thom Yorke to kick off proceedings, and some react, inevitably, with boos. Yorke clearly enjoys the wind-up though, and even a tease like this goes down better than the overly polite set peppered with weak between-song banter of tonight’s only support act, Bat for Lashes.

But all is inevitably forgiven once Radiohead begin playing, even being soaked to the skin really does cease to be of importance. Yorke’s vocal performance is sublime – excelling himself on the instant In Rainbows classic Nude, reaching the song’s climactic notes with a breathtaking combination of accuracy and passion. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and Reckoner were equally awe-inspiring highlights, proving the strength of their latest long-player lies as much in the content as the much-hyped release method. There’s no doubt, though, that it’s the joy of singing along and thrashing about to career bests such as Paranoid Android, Just, Karma Police and Fake Plastic Trees that truly lift the spirits of the waterlogged masses.

 From June 2008

Radiohead at Glasgow Green – Friday 27th June 2008 (A view from the crowd) from Milo McLaughlin on Vimeo.

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