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Tantrum Man featured on antifolk website!

Tantrum Man is very pleased (for once in his life) to have the following mention on the website

Tantrum Man/Swivel Chairs
One of the big bonuses of starting this website has been meeting and hearing the songs of all the cool new artists that are on myspace like Midtown Dickens, Charles Latham, Red Clay River, Pablo Das & Patty Chung, but I have to say my favorite intro has been Tantrum Man, who is some dude in Scotland who records his songs on his cellphone on his way home from work or (mostly) the pub. He sent me his (signed & numbered) CD ” I hate being 30″ which takes lo-fi to a new low and is as Punk as is possible in 2007. The thrill and oddity of this art-thing arriving in my mailbox in South Salem was only tempered by the thought “wait till you’re 47”!
He also included a CD of his previous work with “Swivel Chairs”, which is the best thing I’ve heard in years (but I’m insane) and has has stayed in my player for over two months.

(p.s. you can get Tantrum Man’s post-Christmas download single “Thank God They’re Gone” now at

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