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Said the Gramophone review

Last week I posted the hastily recorded track “I Ain’t Your Mailman” on this blog. On Tuesday of this week it was featured on the brilliant Said the Gramophone mp3 blog.

In a further erosion of civil liberties the web-site has been smart filtered at the Scottish Executive where I work, so for any colleagues, here is what he says (but check the Said the Gramophone web-site when you get home- it’s great):

Milo McLaughlin – “I Ain’t Your Mailman”

This is a toss-off song, some scraps of guitar, some chords, a guitar and a microphone that’s turned on. It’s a song of “justs” and yet it’s so phenomenally perfect, so entirely right, that the front of your face swings open and the id inside yells “YES”.

Because seriously – This here request is merely humiliatin’… you’re asking me to pick up the mail that is waitin’. Well. I ain’t your mail man.

Work sucks, sometimes. Work sucks. And here’s Milo who sings it just right, who sings it pissed-off and silly and pissed-off and happy (because he’s off work), part Mark E Smith and part Leadbelly, showing me the way that the blues has gotta be here, right here, and in this day and age. He’s so frustrated that he can’t help but laugh, that he can’t help but go home and record a song. And the song: true and awesome.

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